Photo-Voltaic (P.V.) with ZAP ELECTRIC
Photo Voltaic Dublin and Commuter Areas

Did you know that the European law states every new dwelling in Ireland must be able to generate a portion of its own energy costs per annum?

Have you been wondering what the panels are on the roofs of the new houses that are being built in your area?

Did you know that P.V.’s have been in use for the last 50 years?

They are Electrical Panels (P.V.) that capture the light generated from the Sun. This energy is then converted into electricity that is transferred to your Fuse-Board and is then used in your home/business to power your lights/appliances.

Unlike water Solar Panels that need direct heat from the sun; P.V.’s can generate energy without heat, making them perfect for our climate here in Ireland.

This means that on a warm or cold day, direct sunlight is generating your electricity.

What are the Benefits for you?

  • Reduce your Bills
  • Reduce your Carbon Footprint
  • 20 Year Guarantee with the P.V. System
  • Maintenance Free

Future proof yourself from rising Electricity Bills.

Help your environment using a renewable energy saving the release of over 30 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide over the lifetime of the System.

Generate approx. 3,700 kilowatt hours of electricity per annum with a P.V. System. This is approximately an average household’s electrical usage, saving you nearly two tonnes of carbon dioxide per annum.

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Photo Voltaic Internal System
Photo Voltaic Internal System